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WAB - Regional Route S part 2: Würflach - Hohe Wand - Grünbacher Sattel

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  • Gelände mit Schneebergblick
    Gelände mit Schneebergblick
    Photo: Wiener Alpen in Niederösterreich, ©Wiener Alpen, Foto: Franz Zwickl
The second part of Regional Route S heads out via the Hohe Wand back to Grünbacher Sattel. The Regional Routes are part of the network of paths making up the Viennese Alps (WAB) route. Hikes along these routes lead you to unique views and also insights. The Regional Routes are linked to the network of paths making up the Viennese Alps route. This results in circular hikes in conjunction with the long-distance path.
Distance 18.9 km
7:30 h
1,233 m
1,014 m
1,124 m
349 m
Starting from the Neue Welt region, this route crosses the western plateau of the Hohe Wand. Regarding the views, the region is a veritable paradise here: The hike starts comfortably enough - with the Hohe Wand always in sight - until it is climbed via a simple via ferrata with the reward of magnificent panoramic views of the territory we just hiked as well as practically all of the Viennese Alps. The Hohe Wand nature reserve, a popular spot for families and excursions, shows its peaceful and remote side here.

Author’s recommendation

The Spanferkelwirt Gasthof Mohr, the Hubertushaus, and the Wilhelm-Eicherthütte are all places to eat and stay the night on this Regional Route.
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Update: May 27, 2020
Highest point
1,124 m
Lowest point
349 m
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Track types

Asphalt 29.46%Dirt road 3.88%Forested/wild trail 25.67%Path 31.88%Road 8.39%Unknown 0.66%
5.6 km
Dirt road
0.7 km
Forested/wild trail
4.9 km
6 km
1.6 km
0.1 km
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Safety information

Your hiking experience in the Vienna Alps should be a thoroughly enjoyable and safe one. Therefore, please bear the following in mind:



When choosing a route, make sure it corresponds to your experience and physical fitness level. Check the weather forecast before you set off. The weather can change surprisingly quickly in the mountains. Always take appropriate equipment with you (e.g. rain protection).

Check whether the cabins and snack stations you intend to visit along the way are open. Inform someone before you set off of your chosen route and when you plan to return.

Tips and hints

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WAB - Regional Route S: Grünbacher Sattel - Gutenmann - Würflach



WAB - Regional Route T: Muggendorf - Rohr im Gebirge


Viennese Alps in Lower Austria,, +43 / 2622 / 78960


Wellnesswelt Würflach car park and the entrance to Johannesbachklamm ravine (459 m)
47.773633, 16.049963
47°46'25.1"N 16°02'59.9"E
33T 578664 5291674


Grünbacher Sattel

Turn-by-turn directions

Continuation of Regional Route S starts at the Wellnesswelt Würflach car park. However, we do not take the logging path down to the Pfarrkirche, but turn north at a car park onto a hiking trail towards Johannesbachklamm. Upon arriving at the Johannesbach stream, we turn right into Klammgasse and follow this until we reach Hauptstraße. At Hauptstraße we turn left heading towards Willendorf and leave this route after around 10 minutes, veering somewhat right towards Dörfles. Continue along a field path briefly along the course of the Johannesbach stream, cross the Bundesstraße and follow the field path straight on until its end. We follow its course left along the Frauenbach stream and then turn right onto Birkenallee shortly afterwards. This is followed to Urschendorfer Straße before turning left and following the road through Dörfles and on in the direction of Netting. The road leads to a crossing, Hauptstraße continues straight on to Netting, and we veer somewhat left along Kienbergweg and slightly uphill (marked in red).


We keep right in the direction of Kienberg and follow a solitary hiking route through dense mixed forest and sparse pine forests. The summit of Kienberg is reached at 650 metres, from which we enjoy a view of the Hohe Wand and Schneeberg peaks. Now we go downhill. The rugged Irmasteig route takes us downhill to the crossroads on Kienbergwiese. We turn right at this point and follow the hiking route downhill towards Zweiersdorf. When close to the edge of the woods, turn right and then left onto the plains of the Neue Welt. At this point we cross Zweiersdorfer Bach stream and continue along the gravel track to the edge of Zweiersdorf. Head uphill via Hauptstraße and the cart track on the right-hand side of the meadow. Turn left at the top end of the meadow and follow the woodland path towards Huburtushaus/Springles. Red markings lead us to the start of the Springlessteig route, which we follow uphill to the Huburtushaus. There are secured sections in parts, and a ladder also has to be crossed. Be careful if out in the wet. Those who are less confident or are out and about with small children should only take on the Springlessteig route with a via ferrata set. Upon arriving at the Hubertushaus, we turn left and follow a well-signposted path (marked in red) slightly uphill to the Wilhelm-Eichert-Hütte. After a short break, we continue along the hiking trail marked out in red, head past the Waldfreundehütte cabin on a gravel track and then reach the highest, albeit inconspicuous point of Hohe Wand after a few minutes. Continue past the former Berghaus Plackles and head downhill along hiking and forest trails towards the Rastkreuz and Gelände sections. At the same time, we can find out what the Big Bang has to do with Grünbach. We continue along the trail towards the Geländehütte cabin along initially relatively simple paths with plenty of grand views, then come across stonier and steeper sections. The closer we get to the Geländehütte, the more we get to see the views. Whilst a bear fights with a Stone Age human some distance further down from the Geländehütte, we go past the cabin on the right and continue hiking towards Grünbachersattel. The first fork in the road to Grünbach (marked in blue) is ignored, but the Krumböcksteig path, which is marked out in red a few metres further on the left, is followed. We walk downhill along steep paths and reach the Grünbacher Sattel after half-an-hour. This means the end of the Regional Route S circuit.


At this point, there is an option to continue hiking from here to Regional Route R at Puchberg/Schneeberg, to take the bus from Grünbacher Sattel towards Puchberg or Grünbach, or to walk to Grünbach Kohlenwerk railway station.

Public transport

Drive to Neunkirchen NÖ railway station, then take the bus on to Würflach.


More information at

By road

If you are travelling from Vienna or Graz on the A2, change onto the B26 at the Wiener-Neustadt West exit and head towards Puchberg am Schneeberg. When in Willendorf turn left onto the road to Würflach and before you reach the church in Würflach, turn right to Wellnesswelt Würflach.


Car parking is available at Wellnesswelt Würflach.


47.773633, 16.049963
47°46'25.1"N 16°02'59.9"E
33T 578664 5291674
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Author’s map recommendations

Freytag & Berndt WK 5012 und 012


Always bring suitable maps. Always wear appropriate, sturdy footwear, bring sun and rain protection and water, as well as a little something to eat. Bring your mobile phone with you and save the mountain rescue emergency number: 140
18.9 km
7:30 h
1,233 m
1,014 m
Highest point
1,124 m
Lowest point
349 m
Scenic Refreshment stops available


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