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If you have never stood on the Ötscher-summit, you haven’t seen Lower-Austria! When one enters the Ötscher on the broad West hump the Mostviertel region is at the foot of the hiker.
12 km
6:30 h
1046 m
554 m
If you have never stood on the Ötscher-summit, you haven’t seen Lower-Austria!

For those who would like to tackle it more comfortably, take the lift from Lackenhof, look through the telescope at the Hüttenkogel, and reach the 1893 meter high summit past the spacious west-saddle. From the summit the mostviertel stretches out for miles. The actual Summit guest book of the Ötschers is not at the Summit, but at the exit "Rauher Kamm". From the summit 20 min walk east – Rauher Kamm. The Rauhe Kamm is a popular rock climbing route with an easy difficulty level (minus 1). Hoever it requires a good head for heights and Surefootedness on the alpine terrain.

Author’s recommendation

As a family trip with the lift to the Ötscherhaus and the Hüttenkogel (panoramic trail) with a telescope.

Risk potential
Highest point
Ötschergipfel, 1893 m
Lowest point
Ötscherlift Talstation, 842 m
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Tourismusbüro Lackenhof
3295 Lackenhof
Tel. +43 (0) 7480/200 20
Fax +43 (0) 7480/200 20 4


Lackenhof (farm) or by the valley station of the Ötscher-Doppelsesselliftes (lift) (841 m)
47.866482, 15.163708
33T 512243 5301473


Ötscherschutzhaus - von hier aus kann man mit dem Doppelsessellift bequem zurück zur Talstation fahren.

Turn-by-turn directions

A)    Lackenhof – Ötscherschutzhaus (shelter) (Without lift): The starting point is in the centre of Lackenhof. The first trail mark (hiking trail no. 4, österr.) (WWW 06, Ötscher RWW 277 / 677) is found in front of the Sparkassengebäude (savings bank). Following the "Ötscherweg" past the youth hostel and then continue on the forest road straight through mostly just forest. By crossing the ski slopes one can reach after about 3/4 hours the Riffelboden (meadow) (about 1050 m above sea level). One can reach from the Weitental (from Ötscherlift valley station) via the marked path (No. 5a) the Riffelboden aswell (this route is however steeper, approx. 20 min). At the Riffelboden (meadow) you leave the forest road. From there the trail leads, after a short walking time, to the new Ötscher-family downhill run and finds its continuation on the left side of the run, up into the shady forest. After many hairpin bends and steep increases can a branch of the descent be reached. On the branch the trail continues to get (1283 m above sea level, about 40 min, important crossroad, right from the "Steinernen Mandl" (rock), in direction of the little Ötscher or the Feldwiesalm (cabin), straight into the Ötschergräben and the South side of the Ötschers) later right on the forest path to the Riffelsattel (mountain saddle). The path leads left of the slopes along to the Ötscherschutzhaus (shelter) and to the mountain station of the Ötscherliftes (lift)(1436 m above sea level, 20 minutes). The ÖTK-House is open all year round (except November) and offers meals, camp accommodations and rooms.

B)    Ötscherlift – Ötscherschutzhaus (shelter): In only 12 minutes can the Ötscherschutzhaus (shelter) (1436 m above sea level) be reached with the Ötscher double chair lift.

C)    Ötscherschutzhaus - Gipfel: From the mountain station the trail continues on a comfortable walk over multiple bends past the green "Wiesmahd" (meadow) up to the Hüttenkogel. A view through the Panoramafernrohr (panorama telescope) is advisable on a clear day (approx. 15 min, 1,520 m above sea level), as already here, one has a magnificent view of the mountain panorama of the South and the West, as well as of the hills North of the Ötschers. The trail turns east, already before the panorama telescope, up a steep uphill over the stony rock ridge with the great view becoming more and more prominent. In a rocky constriction of the Ridge, the "Weißen Mäuerl", you can see the cross on the summit for the first time. Past the green leveling, especially beautiful along the ridge with a wonderful view in the southern Kar (rocks), the trail continues onto the steep ascent of the Kreuzkogels with its small summit plateau (1893 m above sea level, about 1 1/4hrs.). In the descent, one preferably uses the right diverging after the "Weißen Mäuerl" less stony but somewhat damp "slope road" over grass slopes and through mountain pine streets to finally end at the Wiesmahd.

D)    Route Rauher Kamm: Leave a Mountainbike or a second car in Lackenhof at the chair lift "Great Ötscher". With the car on some dirt road drive onto the Raneck (till here asphalt) and down to the Nestelbergsäge (car park). From here on the path to the Bärenlacken, steeply through the beech tree forest up to the joining of the tärrischen houses (large rock towers). Along the rock towers continue North and then move onto the Ridge which directly runs all the way to the last ascent. Then the trail crosses in the southern flank and comes back to the ridge at the Herrenstand  (Memorial Cross and climbing guide). The trail moves easily further westward to the summit cross. The descent is over wide grass-backs to the Hüttenkogel and the Ötscherhaus with the chair-lift mountain station. Take the Lift, or follow the markers or the ski slope back to the Valley. Take the Mountain bike, to pick up the car: 6,5 km, 100 altitude meters uphill).




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Getting there

A1 exit Ybbs, Erlauftal-Bundesstraße B 25 to Gaming and continue onto the Grubberg. Turn left in direction Langau and Lackenhof.



Talstation Doppelsessellift
Arrival by train, car, foot or bike

Book recommendation by the author

Naturpark Ötscher-Tormäuer "45 Wanderungen für Familien und Bergsteiger", Baumgartner & Tippelt, Kralverlag 2015

Author’s map recommendations

Kompass Mariazell, Ötscher, Erlauftal 22


festes Schuhwerk, Regenschutz
12 km
1046 m
554 m
Scenic Refreshment stops available


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